Stop Washing Your Car With Water !

Do You Know ? Car wash is a hidden culprit in the global water crisis. Traditional washes can guzzle gallons of water. That's why Go Waterless offers a revolutionary way to keep your car sparkling clean, without wasting a single drop of water !

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India's Water Crises in Numbers

According to the report of Niti Aayog India has only 4% Of World's Fresh Water Reserves

60,00,00,000 People undergo Extreme Water Shortage. We are here to save water with our waterless car wash.

What are the Negative Impact of washing vehicles with water?

Environmental Impact:

Chemicals from vehicle washing products contaminate groundwater, affecting its purity.Runoff carries pollutants into water bodies, such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans, causing widespread water pollution.

Ecological Impact:

Pollution harms marine life, leading to species loss and ecological imbalance. The impact extends to humans, animals, and marine species, disrupting ecosystems.

Social Impact:

Enormous water usage for vehicle washing exacerbates drinking water scarcity. Conservation efforts could alleviate water shortages globally, mitigating future crises.

Negative Impacts of Waterwash

Generates Swirl Marks

These can be caused by dirt particles trapped in wash mitts or sponges, or by automatic car wash brushes. They can be difficult to remove, but they can usually be buffed out with a polishing compound.

Generates Rusting

Sun exposure fades car paint over time. Regular washing and waxing helps protect it.

Color Dullness

Sun exposure fades car paint over time. Regular washing and waxing helps protect it.

Generates Hard water spots

These are caused by mineral deposits left behind by hard water. They can be unsightly, but they are usually harmless. You can remove them with a vinegar solution or a commercial hard water spot remover.

How GoWaterless is saving water.

GoWaterless is saving millions of liters of water on car and two wheeler. Traditional car and two wheeler wash methods uses an enormous volume of water.

GoWaterless, on the other hand, uses a unique formula that allows users to get their vehicle cleaned without using a single drop of water.

In addition, GoWaterless's eco-friendly formula is safe for the environment and also protects the vehicle from damages like swirlmarks, water spots, color dullness and

How Gowaterless Helps Customer

GoWaterless is different from other car care brands in several key ways, particularly in terms of its environmental mission and commitment towards water conservation and vehicle's paint protection.

Doorstep Service

GoWaterless provides On Demand Car and Two -Wheeler Cleaning at your Doorstep providing Premium Quality service at an Affordable Pricing.

Eco Friendly Product

Products used are 100% natural and eco-friendly, making a more environmentally friendly option.

GoWaterless's Role in Advancing the EV Industry

GoWaterless, a pioneering waterless vehicle cleaning service, is revolutionizing sustainability for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) industry.

By using advanced, eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques, GoWaterless ensures the pristine appearance of EVs while drastically reducing water consumption, aligning perfectly with the eco-conscious ethos of the EV

Wash and Shine Without the Rinse!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Conserve water and protect the environment with GoWaterless' innovative car wash services.

Superior Shine

GoWaterless products gently lift away dirt and grime, leaving behind a flawless finish

Always Time-Saving

Wash your car anytime, anywhere. Our car wash app is perfect for busy lifestyles.

Protects Your Paint

GoWaterless products are formulated with special lubricants that gently clean and protect your car's delicate paintwork.

Safe for All Surfaces

Use GoWaterless products with confidence on all exterior car surfaces, including glass, chrome, and plastic.

Doorstep Convenience

Our mobile car wash service comes to you, wherever you are. No more waiting in line at the car wash!

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Fantastic Service!

I couldn't be happier with the results from Go Waterless Car Care. My car looks brand new, and the convenience of their service is unbeatable.

Aarav Patel

Marketing Director

Efficient and Professional

Go Waterless Car Care exceeded my expectations. Their team was prompt, courteous, and the quality of their work is exceptional.

Riya Singh

Business Owner

Impressive Results

I was amazed at how clean and shiny my car was after using Go Waterless Car Care. Their eco-friendly approach is a big plus!

Aryan Sharma

Environmental Activist

Highly Recommend!

I've tried several car detailing services, but none have matched the level of satisfaction I experienced with Go Waterless Car Care. Truly exceptional!

Neha Gupta

Sales Manager

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No Office Required

Go Waterless operates without the need for a physical office space

No Garage Required

Similar to the workshop, the asset-lite model eliminates the necessity for a garage. Go Waterless adopts Door - Step approach.

No 4 Wheeler Required

The asset-lite approach extends to the company's own vehicle needs. Go Waterless doesn't require a fleet of 4-wheel vehicles for transporting equipment or staff.